Saturday, May 31, 2014

flying to kwaj. part 1

Leaving Hawaii: Last  night in Paradise.

Heading To Kwaj- Check older blog for history

This was such an important Atoll in WW2 I can't believe I'm coming back to perform for our guys there- I know its selfish but WW2 is so important I love the fact I've seen this place.
I am ultra excited to perform for our troops and see where such important historical things happened.
Please for history and a tour check my blog history.

Hipsters in Kwaj?

Carole, Midori, Liz, Jim, Me and Frank

Island living is amazing- if you are American. The Native people live tough. they start having children at 12 years old and on these tiny island a baby is born about every 6 hours and only half make it past 1 years old.

These sharks come in and eat the scraps from the fish that get caught and gutted. We only have about 24 hours and only 1 show tonight- we fly out  early- so I tried to fit in as much sight seeing as i could.

Frank Jim and I check out what we can historically on the island then hit the beach.

Where 3 marines where executed by the Japanese

After we ran around It was time to get ready for the show at the VFW hall on sight. Its a different venue from last time but I am still excited and nervous for the show. I get nervous because I want to give these guys the best show possible- its very important to do my best- the troops deserve it!