Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Lets all go to Hawaii and Remember our WW2 Men.

The Morning was tough. Jay and Janet took us to breakfast and to the Airport. It was a long hard goodbye- though we will see them very soon. We have plans and they will be in the lower 48 soon.
They have an amazing daughter Jordan who is at NYU now- we will be connected to these guys for life. they are completely family as far as I'm concerned. I was bummed Jordan is flying into Alaska Monday- we just missed her!!

These Armed Forces Trips are really amazing- I meet guys I know I'll be life long friends with. From Jay, Chris Jones Chief Stoggins (who I haven't seen since retirement... bummed about that) , Col. Rogers, Doug Eicorn and the list could keep going. I love these guys and wish only the best for these wonderful people.

Once we load up onto the plane it hits me- like every base when we make connections with I get an empty nest syndrome- I sincerely miss these guys. I get it with family- but I know when I'm going home- I don't know the exact next tie I get to see these guys..
I feel depressed but I also remember I wouldn't have met them and knowing these people made my life better for meeting them.

I sit on my flight and look at the photos of my little man. I miss him- I miss Angie and I have a long flight to meditate and think about us and our family- I want to do well by them- I want to teach Axel all the great things I am learning and hope he gets to pursue complete happiness and fulfillment with his life.
All that he is- 22 days of life- he changed the world. I have been the luckiest man in the world- met great people- influenced and looked up to my father and mother, a football coach or two helped me along- great in-laws - great teachers. I notice allot of people don't have this in their life- I also just keep meeting more people who are life changers.
I am surrounded by love with an amazing wife healthy baby and don't have any negative stuff floating in my pool. I can only hope Axel is so lucky.

Great Airport Bar
We Land in Honolulu its raining something crazy, but the air is amazing. I am breathing like a champ- and it smells amazing..


When we landed in Honolulu I received this email.. I think it is Jim!!! It made me laugh so hard and I hope - if you are following day to day- you get this joke...

 When We get to base we check in and drive through base- Frank our point man is amazing and cool as can be.
He is a big deal but you wouldn't know it just hanging around him.
As always the accommodations are amazing right on Pearl Harbor. Armed Forces Entertainment is such a great organization. I keep using the word amazing because I am so tired and the thesaurus in my brain isn't working.

 Hotel overlooks all the ships docked.. Pretty nice time to be here if your into ww2 History

What a meal. Frank hooked us up!!

Submarine Docked

Carole and I went for a walk around base and no matter what You think you know about history it still is overwhelming to think what it was like the day the attack came. These where young 18-25 year olds who got attacked. I love the history, tradition and unity the military has.

I'll never forget what happened on 9-11, every generation has the moment that.. The era as you know it is over, it has to become adults and life changes as you know it forever.
My Dads generation had JFK assassination.
My Grandfather has Pearl Harbor.
We need to really remember this especially as that generation is starting to fade rapidly.

World War 2 is such an incredible time- I want to make sure Axel learns from his great grandfathers and grandfathers. This is something you hope will always be remembered and learned from. I am really looking forward to tomorrow