Monday, May 26, 2014

Eielson Air Base with Col. Jay

Our buddy Col. Jay Took us out for an amazing walk- last time we were here it was around 20 below zero.. There was no walking.
We saw the Lady in the Lake- (check past blogs for info on it) and searched for moose.

It became a running joke- everyone seen a moose except Jim- so he doesn't believe there are moose here and is hammering Jay- even Janet (jays wife) is getting in on it.
Its so cool to find friends you can just walk and talk for hours and feel so comfortable.
The col. has a diner planned before the show and skeet shooting before that!

Very Large Malamute 120 pound puppy.

WOLF!!! oh no he is cool

I was actually good at this.
Bob was an amazing instructor
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The shooting I went a little over 60% I would say but I did have the shot of the day when I hit 2 clay pigeons in 1 shot.

Right after shooting we went to the Santa house in North Pole Alaska and Santa Remembered me!
I told him about Axel and sent some post cards!

Janet cooked one of the most amazing diners ever! We ate and laughed for hours! After diner we went to the Yukon and did a show- what an amazing crowd!!!

We did a great show- The col. introduced us and had a us do a Q&A after that was allot of fun! These guys are wonderful in Alaska!