Wednesday, May 28, 2014

After an Emotional day hit the beach of Pearl Harbor emorial Day part 2

After that heavy afternoon we headed to Waikiki and wanted to see the beach- drink a Mai Tai and relax. We all started perking up a little more when we saw the amazingness of the sands!
I guess this is the touristy part of town but I don't care- its amazing... That's why all these families are here!

I'm lightening up already!
Ordering a drink and watching families from the states and Japan sit and relax as their kids played around the lagoon (language is never a problem with kids I notice) was so peaceful- I know I would love to bring Axel here- man o man I hope I can get Angie and him out here- it would have made the most perfect moment.

Blue sky- bluer water and a cold drink made my trouble sink into the sand.

If you look close on this one there is a wedding- I get it- it is a romantic place to be- I day dreamed and remembered my wedding and started smiling like the little kids playing around me which then made me think of a young Axel talking shyly to one of the little girls running around playing in the sand and I actually laughed out loud at how I am now an adult...
Nope.. still a little kid- posing out in the sand with Carol and Liz.

These kids where having the time of their lives trying to catch fish- I wanted to join them but with my look its enough I took a photo.

It started raining so we headed out- Early Flight to Kwaj.