Saturday, May 24, 2014

Greely Travel

After the show I went to a soldiers room and tried Moose Tacos... I wouldn't think that phrase gets said often but it was amazing.

The fire dept. held to their word and we got a great tour and rode around in the truck... Carole honking the horn and siren like a little kid. We laughed our ass's off.

Kung Fu Grizzly

We drove a long way to get to Greely- it is a super remote base. Being spring the drive was amazing. We drove by the pipeline and stopped at the Naughty Store.
As it got to be later in the day- it never got dark- I understand why people hallucinate up here because the sun always being out. I started getting dizzy feeling- like when you been out all night and your walking home from a bar and its morning.. that crazed dirty feeling... that's what its like ALL the time.

What an amazing drive

I feel like I'm in Nightmute from the movie Insomnia with Al Pacino and Robin Williams. A Detective on a case.... Its 11pm and sober after the show but it feels like a hung over noon..

The show at Greely is really well put together- cant wait to do it... Doug our guide is really awesome- excited to work with him.