Sunday, May 25, 2014

Greely Part 2

Before the show Doug introduced us to Ski... maybe on of the coolest guys ever. I wanted to meet him because he looked like William Murderface from the Cartoon Networks Metalocolypse but he ended up being awesome!
He told me "Every bowling alley has a creepy guy who hangs out in the back... that's me"
I could tell he enjoyed the show- so we met up with him before we left base the next morning.

Meeting Quinton.. He was at the show and seemed to like it- hung with him after. He was so relaxed and chilled.. Really made me miss my buddy Axel.

Our Guide Doug was awesome!

Could not believe it was still daylight out... It started driving me crazy. I am exhausted and cant sleep to save my life- so Doug took us on a drive to see the amazing land scape.

It feels like you're walking around inside a painting.

Can't get over how impressive the landscape is

Greely really was fun and the Army soldiers have it hard- some of them can bring their wives, some can't.. The ones that do its hard also because they have to adapt to this hard living- 40 below 0 in the winter and giant mosquitos in summer (3 months if your lucky).
Alaska Pipeline

Greely you will be missed! Great people and good fun!