Monday, May 26, 2014

Getting to hang with my buddy Colonal Jay.

 Travel in the van and looking forward to seeing an old friend of ours and my family- Col. Jay Aanrud. We have been in touch with each other since my first visit in Alaska and hung out in NYC a few times we et each others families and his daughter even moved to ny!
I cant lie- I was a bit emotional knowing we were going to hang and I know he had allot planned for us- I had no idea how awesome it was going to be.

Its Red Flag Week here and at the airbase which means pilots from all over the world come and compete in series of exercises. The best in the world are all in one place competing and flying.. To me its like Top Gun except "Mostly Airforce instead of Navy" and "realistic"...
Jay (if you read past blogs) is in charge of what they call the Aggressors... who basically "play" the bad guys. So in my  head not only is he Ice Man.. he is Cobra! I bet he is in heaven getting to go at it with these guys. Fighter Pilots seem like a competitive bunch.
Awards ceremony we got invited to

The Army had some guys present.. you have to look close they are in camo so they are hard to notice!
 I cant believe we got to be part of this long line of tradition. All the Airmen seemed so cool with us being there. We got a tour of the Airforces "digs" and of course Jays "Bad guy area"
Dick Heads Bar

My Favorite Plane the A-10.. Don't tell Jay

Puff the magic Dragon

Sitting in the cockpit of Jays Fighter Jet.. Pretty awesome! They are designed so you don't have to think about it you just do it... I was confused and couldn't even think about it... These things are so amazing and the crew chief showed us how hard it is to keep these maintained.. maybe not hard for them but it blew my mind someone even thought to build this.
We watched a young Airman get promoted.. What a big day for this guy!!!

We went to Another awards ceremony- it was pretty awesome- This was a major time to be here. All these airmen, not just from the US but other countries as well.. Its the Olympics for pilots!

We were invited to go to the officers club for the pilots- what an awesome time. Jay taught us the rules to Crud- played on a pool table and we did comics vs the Pilots.

The Comics all got "Call signs", "handles" or nicknames. They come Usually fro something embarrassing. Mine sound cool unless you know the story. I am CHARGER: not because of the cool car or something like that... because I am always looking for a plug for my phone charger... I finally found one and when I plugged in the power went out.

I can't say why (ask them to hear the story) but the other comics names are Liz "Hangry" Mieli. Jimmy "the Greek" Mendrinos and Carole "strap on" Montgomery.
Max who played with the pilots (pilot of a P5) is Max "Throttle" Mayer. and Jay "Hoser" Aanrud.
Still Day light... I'm going to hallucinate.