Monday, April 22, 2013

Madrid 2nd day

We had an Afternoon show for the soldiers daughters.
I cant lie- this was the craziest thing I think we did. We did a show for 30 kids in the age bracket of 5- 13 years old.. mostly girl scouts. We went through so much together this trip we figured ya know what- we can do it and did over 45min show for them. They were a ton of fun and after the kids went out side and we did another 45min for the parents. We had a ball with these folks. Craig did allot of stuff with his voices and telling everyone how to develop these great characters.

Don and Craig IMPROV a scene.

We went out for lunch on this cold rainy afternoon and the Spanish people treated us like gold. Our waiter just kept bringing us free food and drinks. We didn't have a grasp of the language to tell him- Don Doesn't eat meat, Craig doesn't drink but we said thanks and loved the gesture.
We picked up a bottle of wine and sat in my room and just talked about everything we went through this trip and how much we appreciated each others company. What an amazing trip- Time to head back to NY.