Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Seville Spain Day 4.

Day 4 on the trip and I already know I am so excited and sad to keep going. I am going to miss Lisbon and Portugal all together.
The trip is already so much fun. When we loaded onto the plane- It was tiny. We started joking that this was the flight "The day the laughter died"
Kevin "buddy holly" Downey, Craig "The Big Bopper" Gass and Don "Labumba" Jamieson.

When we flew over- Lisbon has 2 soccer stadiums on the opposite sides of town it reminded me of NY Mets and Yankees

Seville, Spain...

Great Art filled this place
We got in and unpacked. Our guide Ralpheal was such a great guy. He wanted to take us out to eat to this little spot outside of Seville  (Side note- sherry is made just outside Seville . He showed us Such a great time. We nicked named Rapheal "Papi Chullo".. He was so much fun talking to. He told amazing stories about growing up in spain under Francos rule.
The wine and stories flowed

History lesson:
A lifelong military figure in Spain, Francisco Franco rose through the ranks until the early 1930s, when he found himself, a right-wing monarchist, in the midst of a left-wing republic. He was essentially demoted, but by 1935 he had been named chief of staff of the Spanish Army, a position he used to purged the army hierarchy of left-wing figures and strengthened military institutions. When the social and economic structure of Spain, in the governing hands of the left, began to crumble,

Franco joined the growing rebel movement. He soon led an uprising against the sitting administration and took control of Spain after the Spanish Civil War (1939). From then until his 1975 death, he presided over a military dictatorship.

Ralpheal told us another great story- his uncle who was trying to talk him out of marriage said- If you are the matador and you are tossed into the air by a bull he will then leave you alone but a cow will come over to you and piss on you.. He had us rolling!!

They take foosball serious here

I woke up in the AM and went for a long walk it was so amazing being there. I was so full of food I could barley take the walk.