Monday, April 8, 2013

Layover in Denver turns out great!

Red Rocks. Denver Colorado
On the way home we had some trouble because of Hurricane Sandy hitting NYC. We had a layover in Denver. Thank god my wife went to Philly and was with her parents. I wasn't as worried as if she would have been in Queens by herself.

One of my friends from NYC moved out to Denver and started a family. I called Pete and he came and picked my butt up from the hotel and I had quality family time with Petes family.

Pete took me to red rock with his wife Cynthia and showed me how amazing this city is. The view, the air the personality was amazing!

Petes family immediatly took me in as one of there own. His wife Cynthia was pregnant with their new baby Ethan who I am very Excited to meet next trip! They have two great sons Prescott and Dylan.

My buddy Dylan!

We picked Dylan up at school and came back to play ball for a bit. He is so outgoing! We laughed quite a bit at how grown up he is. His older brother Prescott is a gentleman and I would be very happy to have him as a brother.

Prescott had a friend join him and we all suited up for trick or treat. The brothers all got along like no ones business. I was really excited to go out and collect candy.

getting ready to trick or treat!

At one house there was a bunch of younger girls having a party so Dylan saw the door opening as his opportunity and ran in and introduced himself to all the young ladies and did not want to leave.
Pete and Cynthia getting the wagon ready...

These guys where troopers trick or treating through the neighborhood. It was so nice out I could have hung all night! Colorado is a great place and I was with great people.

The skys are amazing
Dylan is a ladies man.

We ended up going to a family party after trick or treat and man it was fun. I ate enough and drank enough for a weeks worth of fun!