Monday, April 15, 2013

Going Going back back to lisbon lisbon Day 3

On the Flight We started Laughing and being gassy and busting each others chops.We played a game on calling people we see the Portuguese version of someone famous. Portuguese Danny Devito, Portuguese Tom Arnald and I guess we hit a sore spot with this guy. We started laughing even harder when he turned and I got the photo. We started making up Movie plots and Movie titles about him my favorite was He is Portuguese Ben Stiller playing a bad guy in a horrible 80's action movie called "Tough Crowd".

Lisbon, Portugal...
We flew back and finally hit Dukes and the famous STONE STEAK.. I was so excited to try this. They basically heat the stone up so hot you cook your steak right there at the table and eat it as you go.
Our gig was 2 doors down from Dukes.

what a great bar!

With the owner of Dukes

With our awesome Hosts who showed us such an amazing time

This is our new reality show pose!

The Show was in this really awesome hip bar in the area of town where allot of young people hang. Before the show I wondered around and really loved Lisbon. Our greenroom was a glass enclosed area in the middle of the restaurant  I was joking it was like a human zoo.. Come see comedians in their natural habitat... A greenroom!
After the show we stumbled out to eat with a couple soldiers and their wives. It was a great all you can eat place.