Saturday, April 20, 2013

Rota part 2

I enjoy Craigs stories..
In all seriousness I had so much fun being with three of my best friends and being in this beautiful city. I want to come back with my wife some day.
The art and history really inspired me- I was excited for the shows.
We had a nice breakfast and was ready to go! We wondered the base and met some folks. I know this show will be great, the people started pouring into the venue early

Don't eat the oranges- they belong to the king!

The shows where packed and the crowd was amazing. It was March 15th which is my wifes birthday. We got the crowd to get in on a cool video i sent her!

File:Veracruz Rota.JPG
After the show we watched people getting ready for holy week. It was pretty insane. They make floats out of real gold that have to weigh hundreds of pounds and march bar to bar while they work on the floats. Oh yea, did I mention they are dressed like Klu Klux Klan members. These clothes are meant to resemble the Nazareños, AKA for people like me who does not have a clue to what that is- people from Nazareth. So the klan must of ripped off these dudes stuff!!

Its kind of like a moving stations of the cross or live bible scenes diner theatre.
HOLY WEEK IN SPAINThe people who carry the weight of the floats are called "costaleros" and are expected the carry these "thrones" with solemnity and grace. They use a small cushion, "costal" to protect themselves from getting sores from the wood rubbing against their skin during the long processions.

We got sleep and got ready to head to Madrid early in the morning.

We leave for Madrid in the AM