Thursday, April 11, 2013

Lisbon Portugal Day 1.

Lisbon, Portugal. New York Shock and Awe Tour!

On Bieber watch: Kevin Downey Jr.

Kevin Downey Jr. and myself are flying into Miami then out to Portugal to meet the rest of the crew. (Funny side note) Justin Bieber is landing in Lisbon today as well, so we entered the airport Tiger Beat style! Kevin and I are so excited to see old friends and tour these two amazing countries with Armed Forces Entertainment.
Soccer AKA fut-ball stadium
We met up with our crew and have the day off from shows so we wanted to check in and then hit the town!

We are in Lisbon which is amazing! we are staying in an area referred to as CasCais, It is kind of known as the rich area in Portugal. Allot of Royalty come here and vacation along with EVERYONE in August. The Portuguese take August off to relax.. Must be nice- I am currently tring to fill my august with gigs so I can eat and pay rent.

One of Europe's most unsung cultural capitals, there is so much to do in Lisbon you might plan for a week, not a mere two days. There are museums here focused on everything from Lisbon's rich maritime past to decorative Portuguese tiles, and everything in between. 

The Band Is Back Together: Kevin Downey Jr., Don Jamieson, Craig Gass and Myself. Ladies and Gentleman The New York Shock and Awe tour!

View from My balcony!

Even the bathroom is beautiful 
Armed Forces Entertainment takes such great care of us- our hotel was amazing- I almost didn't want to leave. I wanted to explore but look at this place just sitting and looking around the hotel was amazing, it was so nice. We are in wine country and drinking the greatest wines cheap!

In my words... Dats good F'in wine bud! they word it so much better! This is taken from a wine web site-
"From Algarve beaches to the breathtaking mountains of the north, Portugal is a land of contrasts. In between lie verdant floodplains, rolling plains and cork forests, wetland reserves…

 The east is dry and continental, the west milder, ocean-influenced, greener, especially the lush north west. Today, the country is linked and united as never before by fine new roads – just one sign of the prosperity that has spread across Portugal from the late ‘80s onwards. But tradition still lies at Portugal’s heart. Families spend time together, eat long meals together. Friends enjoy festivals, dancing, fado, café culture and eating out.

Portugal’s winemakers have been equally conservative in one respect – keeping faith with their grapes. And no wonder! Portugal’s varieties are unique, with thrillingly different flavours. Yet quality-wise there has been no resting on traditional laurels. A quarter-century of investment, education, open-mindedness and flair has meant explosive change. Choice has multiplied too. Alongside co-ops and large companies, myriad estates now make their own distinctive wines.

Terroir is so diverse. From north to south, from east to west, from mountain to maritime vineyards, hot and dry or cool and green.  In every style, from fizz to port, from crisp dry whites to elegant reds, in so many diverse ways, Portuguese wines are unique.

These pastries are made by nuns and for the monks because they had so many eggs they didn't know what to do with them. The Monastery has a secret recipe for these "Pasteis De Eflel"

They make these wonderful pastries at the last working monastery in Portugal  There are 3 parts in making it and only 3 people who know their part of the recipe. These people are not allowed to be in the same room at the same time.

Since 1837 the Resteraunt Pasteis De Belem has been making these unbelievable pastries covered in cinnamon and powdered sugar. Wash down the custard and flakes with a nice Portuguese coffee and you will be a happy camper.

Food and wine are essential. They live by these rules: hearty portions of local dishes, meat, hams and sausages, game in season, magnificent fish and seafood, the beloved salt cod, lots of bread, rice and potatoes, and a bottle of olive oil always at the ready. Dessert is obligatory –1001 delightful combinations of egg yolks with sugar:lots of sugar... I like these rules

We went sight seeing and after stopped to meet up with the guys. We were going to a place called Dukes but got lost and ended up going to a bar and catching up with each other. I haven't seen Craig in a few years and we had allot to talk about.

Ginja or Ginjinha: as most people call it, is a liqueur made of a cherry-like berry called (not surprisingly) Ginja. The berries are fermented into a brandy that’s slightly bitter, slightly sweet and very sticky.You can order a Ginja for little money and with or without a cherry in it. The Ginja’sare on the bottom of the bottle and it requires a fair bit of skill to get just one berry into a glass. Most Portuguese people like to have their Ginjinha ‘com Ginja’, with a cherry in the glass. If you don’t want it,

That is a replica of "The Golden Gate" in the background