Tuesday, April 2, 2013

ALASKA 1: first trip J-BER

Alaska- leaving the Airport: The population is a little over 200,000

Alaska.. Anchorage
I never been to this Amazing Area of our country and I couldn't have been happier to get up there. I have 2 separate weeks booked up here on bases, so I wont go detail to day to day stuff just some of the fun stuff that went on.
I went on 2 tours with amazing comics both times. The wide open amazing natural space up there makes you really appreciate this planet and know how small we really are.

The first tour was with National Mom Carole Montgomery, Felisha Micheals, Jim Mendrinos and the second NY Shock and Awe tour was Pat Brown, Kevin Downey Jr. and Marianne Sierk. Both tours went amazing and I always love working with such great people!

As we got to the airport I was in such a great mood. We knew our contact and I couldn't wait to see Anchorage.. We drove through it and I didn't know it until they pointed out we were down town. It looked like a rural suburb. The amount of land per person why build up.. you can build out!

At The Base! Joint Base Elmendrf-Richardson AKA J-BER

I wanted to wonder around base but was warned that there are wild animals that come down from the mountain and it would be best not to late at night or early morning wonder around the base.

In the AM bright and early we headed out to shoot targets. I love shooting. We shot the M4 and 9mm's I don't know which i liked better, they were both cool in their own way.

It was amazing and freeing to shoot guns. I understand why people love guns- there is something powerful about shooting.

I wasn't a bad shot- I wasn't good.. but i wasn't bad

Felisha Was like a marksman and embarrassed us all
National Mom at the range!

Jim and Felisha mix it up before the show
Felisha and Carole Pre game!!

The Crew after the show at The Artic Chill

Canadian Porno... I mean Whiskey..