Thursday, April 18, 2013

Seville Spain: the rabbit or barber is from here day 5

Seville, Spain..
We had an afternoon show Which you never know how those will go. I was a bit nervous and sick from all that food... All that food, I still have nightmares of the never ending stomach of Ralpheal.
We picked up a couple bottles of wine and sherry in the afternoon for later that night.
We did the first show and because it went so well we told everyone we would do a late night "dirty" show. Well we must have made an impression because the place was packed for the late show.
am i right?

Expensive wino

Of course in between shows Ralpheal took us out to eat at an old castle. It was gorgeous and as always the food and wine never stopped. The wine cellar went on forever- it was insane. I am quickly falling in love with wine. I never appreciated it before