Thursday, April 4, 2013

ALASKA 1 around base, showtime

Fort Richardson, Wainwright,  Clear and Greely are some bases we have in Alaska, we have others but these are the ones we went to.  They are amazing and remote.
We have some amazing people and places up in these parts. Our military as well as other military's practice military stuff up here. Without getting into to much detail you can practice using equipment because of how remote it is. No one will see you learn how to use the equipment.

These are basically eye candy at the front of the base. The bases have allot of great facilities to make up for the frosty conditions. The have sun lamps so you don't get depressed with the no sun thing..

Ice Flowers

All of the bases where tough to imagine staying there but we heard allot of great stories. The guys (and gals) put together fishing trips, hiking, skiing and all sorts of fun things.

Moose are possibly as if not more dangerous as bears. I looked up bear attacks while we traveled and here is what I learned about bear attacks! I still stick to my guns with animal attacks.. I would rather be attacked by a bear or big animal than killed by a small animal..

Small animals will take forever to eat you.. they get full then have to come back after they digest- it may take 4 days for them to finally eat you where a big animal would just devour you in 15 min.

This information can help someone hiking in Alaska as much as someone who finds themselves in a gay bar on the lower east side NYC or P-Town in a bear bar.

Mama Bear / Photo: Aaron Villescas
If you see a polar bear immediately crap your pants. You have no shot. So at least you follow directions when they find your body

Black bears are typically less aggressive than Grizzly bears unless cubs are present- then all bets are off.
Mother bears will tear you up in front of a cub if there is any threat present, no matter what type of bear (or you talk to their twink).

Mama Bear / Photo: Aaron Villescas
Alaskan Gizmos.. anyone feel like caddyshack?
Don't make eye contact! speak soft and seem harmless when you see these guys, as adorable as they are they can can get aggressive fast! and no one wants to turn down a drink!

When your walking around Make noise! (disco dance or wave glow sticks) The bears will avoid seeing you (most bears like hard rock)... They don't want to attack you almost as much as  much as you don't want them to attack you!

Now IF.. I mean IF it starts to approach you grab for stick and seem threatening!

Those live bears are not shot by me but yes I did get in close for the stuffed animal shots..

Most bear charges do not lead to a physical attack. The bear will often run towards its target and then make a last minute turn; it’s more of a scare tactic. But… If it attacks –keep your backpack on, take a poper, protect your head, chest and stomach, and roll with the punches. Hopefully he will finish quick.

The Knotty Shop is owned and operated by 6th generation Alaskans, whose great-great-great grandparents were early-day Yukon and Alaska pioneers, dating their northern adventures back to 1897. Two of these couples, the Beistlines and the Herings, are even represented on the "Wall of Pioneers" in Fairbanks.It is a type of art that is really funny to look at when you have a juvenile sense of humor like myself!

fireworks show before the show
They had a Halloween party with their family's then had us do a show for the adult soldiers

we had a great turn out!

There is no better feeling than entertaining our strongest and bravest.

The best crowds on the planet are the ones from where the guys serve our country

I cannot wait to come back. Alaska was amazing