Sunday, April 21, 2013


Welcome to Madrid Spain
File:Real Madrid CF.svg

After a killer breakfast in Rota we took off. We got into Madrid and we scored Tickets to Real Madrid soccer match. These guys are the Yankees of Euro Futball. They spend more than anyone to make sure they are winners. They are the richest sports team in history.. I think. I never thought I would want to go to something like this but man, I am glad i did. So my first question whats with "real"? Real is Spanish for Royal.. They started in 1902 and later was bestowed to King Alfonso XIII in 1920. 
The Santiago Bernabeu holds 85,500 people
Built in 1947

Winners of a record number of stuff:

32 La Liga titles,

18 Copas del Rey,

9 Supercopas de Espania,

1 Copa Eva Duarte

1 Copa de Liga,
Spanish Bart and Homer

9 Euro Cups,

3 International cups,

2 UEFA cups

1 AEFA Cup.

I bet thats allot to people who know what any of this is!

They Play techno and Opera during pregame.That metal shows own Don Jamieson Sings a little opera for us. Look out VH1 there could be a That Opera Show coming next year.

At half we had a quick drink, they do not serve beer in the stadium so we went to this great dive. Photos on the wall show that every famous rocker has drank here. Soccer is allot like comedy- i think you need to see it live to really appreciate it.
We got on the subway and it was packed and this group of Irish kids started passing gas and literally cleared the car.. Things don't change no matter where you are.

We used the subway to get back and forth.