Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Kuwait Here we come again!

I did a nice Kuwait blog 2 years ago so some of this maybe a repeat- We fly out of Bahrain this afternoon and head back to Kuwait. Bahrain and Kuwait are our boys- I am excited to head out that way.
Not the same as the us.. Little too much clothes

 We are leaving Bahrain today and heading to Kuwait, I think I'm going to miss Bahrain and Jeff- It was an amazing few days and the shows where allot of fun. The troops seemed to have really enjoyed us and I know we were so Happy to be there. Jeff see's us off. Hussein will take us over to the airport soon. The lobby was full of Shieks- I kinda dig them, they just sit around smoke and talk.. They are really laid back. You can smoke anywhere here, elevators, bathrooms and so on. I forgot what it was like to bring your clothes home and smell them the next day.. like an ashtray.
Scored Saddam Money

Gulf International Airport:
When I enter a country I like to get to know it a little before I enter... Just to mess with Kevin. So these are ways I can get him in trouble with the Muslim/ Middle Eastern folks.

Britain oversaw foreign relations and defense for the ruling Kuwaiti AL-SABAH dynasty from 1899 until independence in 1961. Thats a long run if you ask me.. I should tell everyone Kevin is Russle Brand.. They must Hate Brits!!

Maybe you remember-Kuwait was attacked and overrun by Iraq on 2 August 1990.
Following several weeks of aerial
bombardment, a US-led, UN coalition began a ground assault in February 1991 that liberated Kuwait in four days.... remember the ISA blog? There will be a quize.  We are bad asses, we know it... they know it.

This is what my kids will look like!
The AL-SABAH family has ruled since returning to power in 1991 and reestablished an elected legislature that in recent years has become increasingly assertive. History was made - in March of 2011 when election showed and rallied for an end to corruption and the prime minister's ousted. Nice these guys took a lesson from The United States Hippies and Protested their power back.

a Hole and a hose.. Airport crappers. I thought Kuwait had money
Kuwait is geographically small, but lotsa cash, an open economy with tons of crude oil:
reserves of about 102 billion barrels
about 9% of world reserves- Impressive.
Petroleum is about 95% of their income.
Kuwaiti officials have committed to increasing oil production to 4 million barrels per day by 2020. So in other words.... They are important.
Kuwait and Bahrain are pretty liberal even though they are Muslim based countries, Americans are 1/2 their population.. Here is a quick briefing a hillbilly white boy like me and Kevin should know when traveling to a Muslim country.. to not be frowned at.
If you’re travelling to a Muslim country during Ramadan you should know:
  • Avoid eating, drinking or smoking in public – many people will understand that you aren’t Muslim but will appreciate your awareness Kevin should Defiantly not smoke weed while Adjusting himself and referring to it as adjusting the pork pot.
  • In some Muslim countries it’s actually illegal to eat and drink in daylight during Ramadan but like everything worth doing- do it behind closed doors or in the dark.
  • Some restaurants will close or operate amended opening hours during Ramadan... Sounds kinda MOBBY.
  • Business hours may become shorter in the day... Wait why is this bad.

I'm Huge in Kuwait.. They where all yelling for me.. To take their cab

In public, general modesty of behaviour and dress is expected. 
Women who wear shorts or tight-fitting clothes, in particular in downtown areas, are likely to attract unwelcome attention. And this doesn't mean construction workers whistling.

Demonstrations have taken place in Kuwait City, Jahra and Ahmadi in early 2011. These have been mostly peaceful but you should avoid public gatherings and demonstrations.
I love when we drive in a convoy with security
 We got to the airport met our security detail. They seem awesome- can't wait to get to know them a little better. We drove a while to Arrifjan. We are staying here but not doing shows here. I am really looking forward to tomorrow, our schedules seem really busy.

'Bouncing' checkes is illegal and the law does not provide for offenders to be released from custody on bail. 'Post dated' checkes can be banked immediately. Basically The MAN IS KEEPIN you DOWN SON!

Co-habiting of unmarried partners in Kuwait is illegal. If you wish to live with your partner in the same house, you need to be married or pretend your Arabic Jack Tripper.

Hitting the D-FAC.. Dinning Facility.
 Never Shake hands with your left hand.. Thats for wiping your ass.. right hand is for eating: OUT WITH THE OLD IN WITH THE NEW!!
I could dig this look

The importation of narcotics, alcohol, pork products and porno is forbidden and can lead to imprisonment. So basically nothing fun allowed Back to my in the dark or hidden theorey.  

Bail is usually not given for drug offences and even if found not guilty you can expect to spend several months detained in prison while the case progresses through the judicial system. Penalties for drug trafficking include the death sentence. 

Drunken behavior in public or driving under the influence of alcohol is punishable by a fine or imprisonment and/or deportation and the withdrawal of the driving licence. Homosexual behaviour is illegal, and so is any public display of affection between men and women. So Downey is screwed, I wonder what he will do intead of his normal act. We have an early day tomorrow so this is PAPA BEAR signing off... 10-4 Good Buddy.
Our rooms.