Wednesday, June 30, 2010

SPANGAL and Spangdahlem Air Base


I got up pretty early and took a final stroll around Rotterdam before we had to take off. Bussing it across Holland toward Germany, listening to music and just enjoying the countryside. Life is pretty good. I couldn’t quit smiling I love being in love, listening to music and all this beautiful countryside just heightens emotions and I couldn’t quite thinking of Angie. I wish she was here to experience this with me she would really enjoy it.
Now I mean Bidnes bear.

We are staying off base because they are in a training session to see if they could be ready for another war and test everything. Our hotel is off base, it looks like a small villa in a movie (maybe an old bond film) Its surrounded by nature, lush German forests and a children’s park and zoo in the back. Rico hung today witch was really cool; he is so laid back and cool. Rico grew up in East Germany and he spoke a bit to me about what it was like, it was great stories I wish I wrote it down.

Walking to the hotel

Our Guide here is a guy named Tony, Complete salt of the earth… whatta guy. We are heading into Speicher. It is a quaint town with narrow streets and old buildings. We took the B-50, which is the most dangerous roadway in Germany. Apparently soldiers get used to the auto bond and get amazing fast German cars and this is a narrow windy road and they loose control and go off the road and roll into ravines.
The winding roads along the rolling hills with villa style houses makes me think this could be my favorite part of Europe. The Quaintness of the towns here in Germany are so peaceful, I get the vibe and really dig it. After an Amazing German meal Tony asked if we wanted to take a ride on the Auto bond in one of his sports cars and I couldn’t think of a word quicker to mean YES. We did right around 140mph and he said that’s nothing.