Wednesday, June 30, 2010



This is the view from our friend Andreas apartment. There is a Phili 76er who lives right below him.
RotterdamI am hung over as I can be. I skipped breakfast and just got on the bus and slept the whole ride. I felt much better when we got there. Our hotel is right on the river and it is great, this is a very different trip than IRAQ. We over look the river and one of the bridges I saw on extreme engineering. Very cool. The tour Defrance is starting here in 3 days so we saw the good year blimp the North sea jazz fest is next week as well. The fest is amazing: Joss Stone, Norah Jones, Stevie Wonder, Al Green, Elvis Costello, Herbie Handcock, the Roots and a ton more.. all in a couple days.    Yes it is the good year blimp in Rotterdam, just getting ready

Andrea is our guy here; he is a very cool dude originally from Nashville. We had to cut the show to 1 hour because Holland was playing in the world cup. It was split crowds again, allot of Dutch folks in the audience but after words really seemed to enjoy it. We chatted it up with the guys had a couple Heinekens (we are where they make it!) and watched soccer. Andrea rode back with us to the hotel, he lives just over the bridge.

As we drove through Rotterdam they explained the reason Rotterdam is so modern is because Hitler bombed the crap out of them.. Do not bring it up to someone who is Dutch, they are still pissed.

Snoop dog owns a house in Rotterdam an he was going to do a free concert but had to cancel it because the bloods and crips showing up in Holland.

Its a small base but they where nice.

Coolest dutch wooden shoes ever.           

Andrea’s apartment overlooks the city and the New York Hotel that is the place where celebrities from the states stay (Lionel Richie, Beyonce and such). This hotel used to be the port where the ship would set sail to NYC. The place is an amazing boat themed expensive restaurant. We ran into a couple folks having a picnic and Andrea knew them so we started talking they were so nice but as we walked away Andrea told me she is the “Hilary Clinton” of Holland and I wondered where her body guards where and he told my they stay hidden she doesn’t like their presents so they where up in the buildings and we probably had a gun on us at all times.
We watched Brazil and Chili at a bar who are mortal enemies and there is a big Brazilian population in that neighborhood. I got explained to me why Holland team color is orange. Their flag is red white and blue but the royal family color is orange so they are the Orangemen. It was getting dark and we decided to split, it doesn’t get dark till 10:45ish. The city is cool as hell at night, the lights are very artsy.

Here Andreas Apartment.

I really wanted to go to a coffee shop with pot just to say I did and see it. It didn’t really impress me, it looked like if a head shop was in an OTB that had steady customers that look like they where on the cast of Rotterdam shore. I’m sure there are cool ones but this was the only one we knew.

We stopped at a bar called Hotel Bazar, it was a funky stained glass and funky chandlers all over. I got home and past out with the TV on I woke up to pee the TV was full of nude women selling phone numbers and websites, I laughed and went back to bed.