Monday, June 28, 2010

Shopping in Belgium, Dinner in Germany and sleeping in the Netherlands


ITS on- a day off. We are up and going we are going to Luire to go to a street fair and shopping. I can’t quit saying “Belgium Dip” like gold member. Rich and Bianca are our guides today coming over and riding to go to town. We walked around and people watched. Saw a man with an Abacus and monkey and a clown.. a real clown. We saw two great characters. They where memorable- one guys was a heroin addict who must not had enough to nod out so he was walking around like a zombie and another guy who head looked like it got his head crunched and reformed and he walked with a heavy limp.

This is Jazable she is our mascot, she needs a nap- she drank a little spilled beer.
After walking so much and seeing a fair that looked like it could have been in queens, we stopped for a beer on the sidewalk.

We coulda been in queens!

Theres a monkey on my back and a hot chick on my  shoulder. We also got to watch a clown, I think he stole my act.

The waterfront is amazing

Went to dinner at a German restaurant in a park by our friends Chris and Charleans house. I had snitzle.. just plain snitzle and it was goooooood. Melissa  has a daughter, she is 17 years old who was busting my balls with Chris and Parker. They where hitting me left and right, it was very funny how they all took to it. It was like they had it planned. Chris is a MP who was in Iraq, sounded very hurt locker life but for real. It was awesome listening to these stories. I drank way too much, the sun sets around 11 so you don’t think its late till its too late. Chris broke out the nice scotch and beers. These 5 folks are some of the nicest people ever.

There was a ton of quotable but my favorite line of the night was Brenda said she had to go to the us to get her license then back to get a German drivers licensee- wow and I thought the NYDMV was bad..