Wednesday, July 18, 2012

whats wrong with people

With all the technology out there and advancement out there do you think we would connect better? We can talk to people all over the world in a word wide web (a make believe word inside cables that connect people meet across the world) you think we would be more tolerant and hungry to see new points of view... All this technology we can use to learn about each other, communicate to one another, share passions, see we are not that different and yet we still have assholes fighting over youtube videos... You Tube Critics are the lowest forms of people because 99% of them arent doing anything creative themselves- they just go after people who are.
Every time I read comments on someones youtube videos it always goes racist then homophobic.. I'm starting to think not everyone should be allowed a computer.

No one gets along, even though- they all have soapboxes to spout their views and read other peoples points. Shouldn't we get patience or understanding of each other (we get to spread our thoughts and beliefs out into the world)? No we use these soapboxes to judge other peoples videos on youtube or twitter and call each other "fags" and thats classy..
I do not understand the dislike button, if you dont like the video - just move to the next one.. why do we allow "critics" with zero credibility judge someones opinion or art?
I understand real critics- I don't always care about what they say. Critics and reporters fall into the same situation to me.. If your self proclaimed- The review doesnt mean as much- I respect its your opinion but there is a diference from an ABC/FOX or cnn reporter than fart facts .com reporter.. though fartfacts would be intereasting news..

This being said- Artists tend to try and push the envolope and shock the crowd- I'm not a fan of that style unless it is super clever and enjoy the dance that is made with the subject. Allowing an honest or tastful perspective lets me see where he or she is coming from and find the humor or drama with them. If your goal is to shock me I'm probably not in your audience wheelhouse but will still respect you for your art.

Its the same problem I have with hecklers at comedy shows. As a comic I know its my choice to choose material that will allow me to not deal with them AND/OR/BUT if you are an audience member and you are offended- just leave.. No one in the crowd cares you disagree with the comedian- your free to not like what is being said and your free to leave- to yell out means you think your opinion is more important than everyone else who may or may not be enjoying the show.

I believe reality TV is making people see "people behaving badly" and rewarding them. Its a sad state that the entertainment biz is allowing such low level of class be the standard.

In stand up: The comedian is being paid to voice their opinions and stories- you (audience) paid to hear them. If you are not satisfied with the show you can contact the club and asked to be reimbursed or to come back and see a comic that is more your taste.. not yell out during a show.
But while on the subject if a comic attacks a random customer- I say free game to go back at them. I am not a fan of the comic who attacks the audience.. As a performer I get very uncomfortable watching these kinds of comics and really laugh when the comedian is mad about a retort.In the age of all this technology there isnt much of an excuse - if you are easly offended- look up the artists you plan to see- not everyone is what you want them to be.