Tuesday, July 17, 2012

random thoughts.

Pat, Kevin and myself.. no relation.. wierd

We fight over religion- to me religion is like philosophy, it is what you devote your time too. Whether it is God, women, booze or money- what you think about and work toward the most. Most people in this world's religion (whether they claim Catholic, Muslim, Jewish, etra. etra) is money- that's the problem. Money and greed can be a very dirty things. Whatever you devote your strength, time and effort too is what your religion is.I have two grandmother who devoted their lives to God and being good people because its his word. I think people fight about money, land and talent most of the time. When one party doesn't have any they cant wait to attack someone who does.

drunk dog
Alcoholics worship booze- I like to drink, I mean in general- I like a lot of fluids going through my body. But at a meal, why not make it count- I don't want milk, soda or water- I want something with substance, something that matters. Some times being drunk- sobers you up- you see things from a different point of view. I want to share stories and points of views, dig into lives of other people. I want to understand people but some people I don't get.

My hero's are artists- I guess art is my religion, whether its paint, music, acting, spoken word, comedy, writing or poetry- I want something that changes me- makes me think- we don't do enough of this anymore. Everything is an instant gratification- no one takes the time to make it good or matter. It comes down to money allot of the time.

I believe when someone gets into making films.. they started out as actors in the theatre, found no money in theatre and say "I'll make films.. Allot of time see the biz side makes better money. There is money in it BUT I'll make FILMS!!! Win artsy film festivals, have a point of view.. something to be proud of... change the world"... then end up making a movie.. maybe a flick or producing "hill billy hand fishing".

This thinking is what gets reality tv made- NO ONE likes it- yet they keep making tv shows about people with jobs that require no education.. (psssst. if this was "that" interesting more people would be driving trucks on ice and opening junk stores instead of not watching it).

Real stuck up women yelling at each other is something I try to avoid daily.. These people are gross and we as a society allow it to be the norm.. Remember when Springer was considered outrageous?

The theater the ammoralists  used to perform
Comedy or drama- I want to be challenged to think or to not think and be swept away into another reality. We need to do what we can to make a difference with each other; I try and make my act have a little theatrics maybe a little happiness but mostly as much of me being honest and sharing as I can.

Today we are a replica with the counter culture of the late 60's but We are going to look bad with future generations, embarrassed at our behavior to each other. We treat each other poorly and are afraid to produce art because money is the religion of now. 
We don't want to be like our parents- we are too cool- so to us its money, money, money. Free love is dead- we live in a age that women look up to strippers, porn stars, gold digging soccer moms, hookers (wait same thing) and women behaving badly in public. I would like to think this is funny in an ironic sense- but I am afraid I am wrong. People are acting like thes types of people in real life.
The bad guys are winning and we think its cute. Dumb violent and superficial we continue to spiral down the toilet like a bunch of turds who won't see what we really are because we are trying to float above the other turds. We lost the concept of comunity, we are gypsys who think being tough is better than being good. I hope the next generation see's this and rebells against the ignorance.

Psychologists say "people who perform on stage are crazy- they didn't get enough love as a kid." I say fuck you- Maybe some artists want to change things, try and make an honest living creating something beautiful and fulfilling. Angie will make sure Maddy and Giz will be normal

Monty: a man from the 60's He knows music

It's not ALL GOOD- There is too much bad art and too many people trying to say they are artists, that do it for fame or money (god did they pick the wrong field). 

Most of my friends are in it to create- they want to say something, make people smile and oddly enough they become sucsessful monataraly.

I don't listen to new rock or pop music- I want music where people have talent- and they are trying to say something. Where they are soloing, jamming playing together, music you can feel, not someone showing off vocal exercises and singing to electronic symphony with no souls.

There is no human connection in the music anymore and the graphic designers touching up photo's we are not hearing or looking at real people.

Joel and Nick: Two of my favorite people who allow me to be whoever I am.

I am an intelligent, wise, spiritual and sensitive human being, with the soul of a clown, which always makes me blow it when it counts but I have a soul (its deep and covered with paint to look happy). I am finding who I am, not what I thought I wanted to be. Sometimes I get tired of the image that is put on me- which I concencelly and unconcencly have made for myself. I am finding I am not the image I wanted to once be, I don't have the money I wanted- I definitely am not as cool as I wanted to be at this age. I am merely a shadow of my former self- odd, considering I was never anyone important? To me, all the cool, hip popular shit is out the window- I am just me, and I guess that's enough- I am complicated in a simple way. I hope you as confused as me.