Tuesday, July 24, 2012

i like being from this time... i think

On set of Drunken Idiots: The bosses
I am pleased to be alive at this time. There are a lot of great things going on within this generation, things are being made and invented.

Amazing things: IPADS, Nooks, cell phones that do everything- camera- video –scheduling things- GPS- Texts- email- surf the web- MP3 player and some of them even have phones in them where you talk to text.. the listener gets a text... reads it, then talks to text back..
It's almost as good as talking to someone.. but that's old school.

Baby Maddy already thinks I'm an outdated ol fart
Some of the quickness of things are slowing us down though- people can't walk without looking at there stupid little screens - walking like zombies around the city. I wish I lived pre-cell phone New York. Why do I have to be reachable at All times, if I don't answer or put my cell phone because i am spending an actual moment with someone or in another room, turn it off to get work done or sleep-there will be hell to pay from someone who thinks the concept of not being reachable is absurd. I don't want some people to reach me at all let alone at all hours.

Gizmo and Ryker are already texting dailey.
What about human contact, on the street, subway or even at a show/concert- people are walking and driving in there own little world- paying no attention, there are perfectly good humans walking all around them.
People go into there own little world- everyone on the subway has their ear buds in- yes I know most of the people on the subway I wouldn't want to talk but at least sit in their own thoughts for a moment.

My wife is the only person I'll talk to some days.

But where is the human contact. I see people who are friends sitting next to each other listening to their shitty house music instead of talking about their bad taste in music.

Here is the real issue- as a performer I cannot stand the fact there are folks who can't not text in the 2 hour period they are at a show.. If its an emergency- maybe your not stable enough to come to a show. If your bored-LEAVE.

Get with it or get out of the way...

And of course social media. What happened to my friends in real life? I don't have time to hang out with them – They are in a theatre company getting in touch with their roots to communicate and be story tellers yet i can only chat with them via text message.