Monday, January 19, 2015

Leaving Kwaj- heading home

On our way to the show in Kwaj Style!

This place is a living Post Card- I will miss it allot!
These skies during sunrise where so amazing

I woke up after the show around 4AM to watch the sun come up- I recapped the 10 days in my head- I can't believe it was real. I love our troops and would and have gone to war zones to entertain them... but to go to places like this, with all its history is icing on the Cake. I love my job and doing it for such wonderful people, meeting friends and so on but I am ready to get home and see my little man.

I thank Armed Forces Entertainment, Frank, Max and Carol & Jim for allowing me these Opportunity's 
 A storm was blowing over- I hope we don't get delayed, I want to see the baby but I also love the idea of staying here another night.

Back to Hawaii

 We stop and have lunch in Hawaii Then I'm off to Chicago- layover and Home! I thank god every trip and for meeting so many great people!
I make great friends on these trips and meet people i will always be in touch with.... this trip no different.
Finally getting to talk to Angie made me so happy. Glad to be heading home.