Monday, July 18, 2011

Quotes from Interviews of the past

Usually when I do Interviews I tend to do them at a bars.. This is kind of what the inside of my head would look like. I did an interview recently about my travels. I decided to post some of the answers and quotes on the blog.

I got my start from the beginning, Originally from Youngstown Ohio but I moved to NYC: Living here since I was 17 years old. My Parents back in Ohio adjusted to my move just fine. Once I was out they got a pool and a dishwasher the year I moved out.

This is the biggest dream I could fulfill as a comedian is doing overseas gigs with the troops. I love the Military and police world, I am so fascinated by our protector class (and they are the most interesting movies and TV shows). If doing stand up and acting didn’t work out I would have joined the services, police or want to be an Air Traffic Controller like my father and brother.

Getting into the local culture
Dena, Cooter and me.
I love seeing what makes a city special, culture, food, Drink and the people. People can be tricky... Sometimes they  aren't interested in you.

Why is “THIS” city/country special and stand out from any other place? 

Now with Apple bees, Wallmart and other chains the states are all starting to look alike. 
Culture almost always starts with food, getting to know the local flavor, seeing what the place has to offer (activity wise) then Historically what makes this place tick.

Since I got into Stand Up I’ve wanted to go over and perform for the guys. Allot of my friends went the military. I respect the hell out of them, they are our Warrior class. Armed Forces Entertainment was the only ones I went too to fulfill this dream.


"There is allot of things I loved throughout the tours, one being in IRAQ: just because of the situation and attention I got before I even left to go over."

" "Most memorable was the wounded warriors came to IRAQ- these are real warriors. I was inspired and moved by their positive attitude and strength... I wanted to get anyone who speaks out “For the military” with a negative view and show them these are REAL Americans and these are guys who give anything for us to keep our freedom and help others better their lives in foreign countries all the while having a great sense of humor."

"I also saw my neighbor from Ohio while in Iraq.. who I haven’t seen since he was 14ish and to see him as a man was amazing. (I’m just glad I was nice to him then)."

"I am a huge history buff and touring the South Pacific I got to see the places these battles I have followed since I was a kid took place.  I just wish I payed attention better in school.. I used to confuse WC Fields and Winston Churchill.. Man that would of been a different war. "
"The Dog memorial for WW 2 K-9’s in Guam was amazing I went and bought books and DVDs about it and opened my eyes to this. With my family big Dog Lovers I got everyone stuff from the gift shop. My dogs a shih tzu - His family worked with the enemy"                                                                                      

Pete Coreale
Adam Ferrara
Carl LaBove

Who do you consider to be the greatest influence(s) in your field?  
My Direct influences are Carl LaBove, Pete Correale and Adam Ferrara, they are not well known but they are the best in the biz.  There style directly influences how I approach comedy.

As far as influences of all time- Bill Cosby, Dangerfield, Bob Hope, George Carlin. There are allot more but these are people I look at and say that’s what I want to do! 

What did this individual/group do to have such an influence on you? Adam, Pete and Carl are comedians who I know personally, seen them work out material... that helped me grow in this field. Their acts are storytelling and positive (not like motivational speakers but meaning they dont diss stuff- they have fun on stage). It’s what I want to do- be a positive, funny, likable guy who you would want around.

What/who influenced you to pursue a career in entertainment?  I went to theater school in NYC (American Academy of Dramatic Arts) after seeing John Malcovich and Gary Sinise  in True West. I got to NY and still am doing theater but Stand up came later when I was working in a comedy club and some comics talked me into doing it on a night one comic didn’t show. After I got off stage the owner of the club started managing me and putting me up at the end of the night while people where paying their bills. Once some comics saw how hard I was working they helped me get work and it just snowballed slowly into a career.

In the last year I got married and got a dog named Gizmo. I live in Queens NY and when I am not on the road my wife and I love live music and talking to people. Angie and I both love documentary films and cheesy action movies.