Friday, July 15, 2011

Marriage, Birthday Boy and friendships

An amazing Photo of My home Astoria I saw on-line. Glad to be home. Queens Drivers Amaze me- every-time I see something they do I get upset and I just need to remember... A year ago they where driving a donkey.
Exhausted and Happy to come home.
Baby Giz: Never knew I was a little dog lover
Birthday gift for me- Giz's Papoose
I love being home
When I'm home I get to be in my own bed with my wife and dog, They are the most important things in my life.
I love our Hood in Queens When I'm home I never really feel like I'm home- I usually have to run around the country doing gigs.

Being home allows me to spend time with my family and friends.
My family is Angie and Gizmo.

This year has been busy and all my friends are getting hitched. I love The people who surround my life. Before I get all gooey here I have allot of jack ass's too.
Someone taught me to cut them out.
There are a lot of family's starting in the crowd I hang with.
I'll be doing a blog about my wedding and honeymoon but with so much new love blossoming this past year or so  I thought I would share the love.

Weddings This Year
At great friend Marc and Ginny Lunds Wedding in Long Island

Best friend Carl LaBove
Angie celebrating the 4th at The Lund Wedding

Quote by Rumi-Lovers do not finally meet somewhere. They are in each other all along.... Also what I would say to try and score on a first date.
Marc and Ginny- I knew Marc and was with him the day I met Angie

Joy and Angie at Joys Wedding
Smart groom he took his food with him when greeting the guests

Everyone seems to be friends with is getting married this year. almost a year ago was my big day. When I get to share a day like this it really makes me sentimental... or just mental

Vinnie and Joy are getting hitched.. Vinnie I hope your a grower not a shower

James and Yukiko newly weds at truck night- the most romantic place on earth

When I announced once on stage I just got married a women in the audience boo'd me, I thought that was odd but then she yelled out I was a fool. I snapped and said "You've been in so many abusive relationships when I said "Married" your eye swelled up".

Tim and Kristen and now with a bambino

Pete and Jamie
The more you invest in a marriage, the more valuable it becomes... They say Amy Grant said that but I think a wedding planner said that at Quote time (for wedding cost not sayings).

Mark and Nikki stroll The Brooklyn Bridge before getting hitched.

Mike and Dana.. She only played my girlfriend in the movies
The Fraley's
Peyton and Heather.. We became friends right before they got married.. They got Hitched In New Orleans a week Before Angie And I went down to our Honeymoon.
I missed allot of these wedding because of my Tour schedule. 

I got a gig in Indy: I'm going to see my old pal!

Bowers: The king of beer pong
Remember Chris Jones from El Salvador? Well he was going home to Indy in April... I'm playing Mortys (in Indy-April 28 till May 1st). Looks Like the boys are getting the band back together. Not so fast, Chris is back in Indy but is shipping out to New Hampshire The Day Before I fly in. I can't believe this!!
I miss Chris by a day BUT I'll be headlining with a great comic as a feature (Sam Morril- winner of The Laughing Skull Fest) so I know this will be a great week. On Sunday we are doing Tales from The Greenroom- a little storytelling show I love doing. I also had a great podcast interview with Greenroom Radio and Vilmos and I become friends and I hope we can work together soon..

I did the weekend and every morning woke up in pain serious pain. My head was throbbing and the only way to make it go away was to start drinking again, it was a bunch of bloody Mary mornings in Indy. Thinking it was a hangover (Thanks Bowers) I ignored it till Sunday. This pain was so bad i couldn't close my mouth. I called the owner and he picked me up. Not sure what it was or what was wrong- he took me to an emergency dentist. I had to get an emergency root canal. Its 3 hours before the story telling show. What do I do.
ROOTCANAL!!!!! In the ER
The owner had to leave to start the show (The storytelling show- everyone does 10 min then we tell "tales of the greenroom" after)
They where filling the hole in my mouth and writing my prescriptions as the show started.  The host explained where I was and mentioned they didn't know what was going to happen.
I got to the club as the second comic took stage, when I walked on stage with a pina colada on the side of my face, drooling and did the 15min. of stand up, making fun of this situation and moving into explaining the storytelling part of the show.. Still numb... then in pain I mentioned the meds where wearing off- they sent a few shots up..... and then numb again. We were on stage over 2 hours telling some great stories.

That was an amazing weekend and Ill always love me some Indianapolis.

Birthday week: West Virginia-Columbus-Boston New Hampshire
West Virginia located in White Sulphur Springs. As a National Historic landmark, The Greenbrier  have hosted distinguished guests from around the world since 1778. The casino was most elite places I have ever been, Pianos in every room, marble everything. I wish we could have brought Angie.:

The Giz Hits The Road with Papa Bear.. Thats our trucker Handles
The week of My Birthday I was working with Spanky at an amazing Casino in West Virginia, then spent some time in Ohio at My parents during the gap of time before Columbus. After spending a great couple days with Ryker, brother Ronnie, Spanky and Parents. Spanky is pretty much family with my parents. We headed to Columbus for a show.

Time at home was what I really needed unwinding with your family makes you forget your a grownup and have to do grown up things.. I went to Columbus the night before my birthday and made it back to my parents at midnight had cake and then drove to Boston to meet up with DJ Hazard.

Lobby in The Casino. Dwight D. Eisenhower hosted the North American Summit Conference at The Greenbrier March 26-28, 1956. He was also at the resort three times in World War II when The Greenbrier was used as an Army hospital. Once he was admitted as a patient and the other times he was here with Mrs. Eisenhower for rest and relaxation

Spanky and Ryker chillin'.. nude
Ryker and Gizmo: Best Buds as lond as Rykers serving


Congress has a bunker here: In the late 1950s, the U.S. government once again approached The Greenbrier for assistance, this time in the construction of an Emergency Relocation Center-a bunker or bomb shelter-to be occupied by the U.S. Congress in case of war. The classified underground facility was built in conjunction with an above ground addition to the hotel, the West Virginia Wing, between 1959 and 1962. For thirty years the facility codenamed Project Greek Island was maintained at a constant state of operational readiness. At any point during those years, one telephone call from officials in Washington, D. C. fearing an imminent attack on the capital would have turned the lavish resort into an active participant in the national defense system. At the end of the Cold War, and prompted by exposure in the press in 1992, the project was terminated and the bunker decommissioned.

Birthday on the road

Indy is a great town but how about New England.. for old friends. I spent my birthday in the car for 16 of the 24 hours on my way to Boston. From Boston we headed up to Portsmouth New Hampshite to meet up with my good friend Chris Jones. Jonesy and DJ took me to a car show, out for drinks and dinner before a show. I love Jonsey and am happy for him, he was waiting for his wife and two daughters to move up to New England.

New Hampshire Car Show

 This Has been full of little coincidences and little funny moments, I feel like the world is full of these. These moments are what make life special. We need to remember to enjoy these times, one day I feel like I'm going to look back and remember these days as care free even though in the moment I am constantly worried and feel stressed out.